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Trinity College

The educational aims of Trinity College are to:

  • provide educational opportunities relevant to the needs of individual students
  • provide educational opportunities relevant to the needs of the Methodist Church of New Zealand
  • prepare people for ministry, both lay and ordained
  • relate education in the formal disciplines of Theology to the practice of ministry, through processes of ministry formation and theological reflection.

Behind these clear objectives is another simple fact by which Trinity College scholar-presbyters act together across the courses. We do not teach you what to think theologically, but rather we aim to teach you how to think theologically.




Lifewise is an Auckland-based community organisation initiating new ways to solve challenging social issues and providing services to families in need, the homeless as well as older and disabled people. We can trace our roots back over 150 years as part of the Methodist Church of New Zealand (Te Haahi Weteriana O Aotearoa), meeting the changing needs of Aucklanders as the city grew and developed.



The Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Hahi Weteriana O Aotearoa

For more information on the wider Church please see www.methodist.org.nz



Mission Resourcing

Mission Resourcing is the Ministry and Mission Resourcing Centre for the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Its vision is to inspire and resource communities for a journey with Christ that enriches lives and relationships. They accomplish this through fulfilling their mission to resource Parishes, Synods and Leaders for contemporary mission and ministry in order that the church continues to develop in healthy and mission focused ways.

For further information please follow the link to the Mission Resourcing Website http://www.missionresourcing.org.nz