Synod Youth Work Enabler - Abhishek Solomon

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Youth ministry, as we understand is not just about running events and doing activities, rather it is also about spirituality, justice, empowerment, and education. This we aim to achieve by the means of synod youth services, youth leadership workshops, and other training resources.

Synod Youth Services are hosted each month by the various congregations in the Auckland Synod area which gives our youth an opportunity to experience the diversity that exists within the Methodist Church. Furthermore, these services provide a contemporary setting for our young people to express and learn about their own Christian spirituality. It also helps the existing youth leaders to develop their leadership skills by actively participating in the leading of the service. Each service rotates around a particular theme which is reflected in the contributions by various youth groups. These services are highly appreciated by those with small youth groups or no youth groups.

Youth leadership workshop is another important part of the youth ministry in the Auckland Synod. We acknowledge that the young people, especially the youth leaders, need to be taught the fundamentals of both Christian faith and of church life and tradition in general. In particular, our young people need to be educated about the core values of Methodism.

In order to address this need, the "Synod Youth Workgroup" runs three Workshops each year. These workshops are designed to educate, empower and inspire the existing youth leaders. In addition, the workshops help the leaders become more skilled, confident and knowledgeable, enabling them to contribute more to the life of their local parish.

These workshops are also the meeting point for all the youth leaders in the Auckland district area, enabling them to connect with each other and to share ideas and challenges.

In any way or form, if you would like to contribute to this work, or share any ideas, please feel free to contact me at the given details.

Please contact Abhishek at: email:
mob: 021 647164